Starz Astrology

Astrology operates under the ancient Hermetic adage “As Above, So Below” meaning what happens above on a larger scale also occurs in the lower, finite levels too.

The Universe is the great equalizer; nothing is exempt from its laws and bounty because we are all formed from the same fundamental building blocks, the same sub atomic particles. At a basic level, all life originates from the same source. Viewed in this way, we are a microcosm of a much larger macrocosm – an inseparable part of the genius of creation which operates regardless of our awareness or sense of connection to a grander scheme.

Despite what the news stand horoscopes would have us believe, we are more like mini-universes unto ourselves, rather than being just a single “sun sign” expression. How we interpret and develop the “Universe within” is unique to each individual and can take a lifetime to explore and appreciate.

Astrology offers insight into our inner nature by revealing what mental, emotional, spiritual and physical patterning underlies our being. In essence, the birth chart is like a blueprint of our consciousness; the design and layout of our personal orientation to the world around us. It offers a fascinating perspective that can enhance connections, reveal potential and deepen our relationship to faith itself.