Amber-headshotAn only child, I spent much of my childhood moving around the country and living internationally with my parents, who were gypsies at heart. I benefited from these long distance travels and was introduced to many different cultures and religions without ever being forced to conform to just one. Eventually, my own interests and philosophies took shape around Native American traditions and then grew to encompass many of the ancient mystery traditions.

I was given my first tarot deck by a friend at age twenty-one because he was inspired by my intuitive dreams and thought I might appreciate them as a meditation tool. From there, I also connected with astrology and have spent the last fourteen years studying and expanding my knowledge base and awareness of the interconnectedness of these lost arts. I’ve studied in traditional classroom settings as well as in overseas retreats, but primarily I’ve learned directly from my mentors and clients. When I married my husband in 99, whose Polish family name is “Starz-yn-ski” many teased that it was kismet!

Today, I feel fortunate to still work within the interior design field and enjoy a variety of creative outlets. My practices have been a consistent source of comfort, truth and satisfaction in my life and I feel blessed to “pay it forward”, sharing astrology with others who want to learn about themselves.
Amber Starzynski