consultMost new clients ask the same few questions, “What are your consultations like? How long do they run? What will you need from me?”

Consultations: My approach to astrology is a bit more holistic and psychological than it is strictly “deterministic”. In other words, while I do provide key “dates and details” for future oriented growth, much of my time is spent uncovering how a client’s current circumstances might be threading back to earlier life events as well as how they may stretch into future ones. In this way, the consultation ultimately reveals how our unconscious patterns and behaviors have been affecting our perspectives for years, and as a result, determine our future too. My focus is on empowering the client to make new realizations about their present challenges in order to grow stronger, happier and more self aware. There is much more to astrology than most generic web sites and newspapers ever suggest – and my goal is to speak in layman’s terms while still conveying the essential wisdom of this lost Art.



Time and Rate: Consultations last 1.5 hours and are $125.00

Custom Monthly Reports by email (not software generated):

Three months for $120

Six months for $195


Requirements: Birth date, location of birth and time of birth. If time of birth is unknown, narrowing the window to general time of day or evening is helpful. Preferably, the more accurate the better.