coursesSeptember 1 – October 14 2009
Astrology and Alchemy; The Art of Individuation
This six week course examines the nature of duality vs wholeness and studies the zodiac as a series of six polarities. Special emphasis is placed on the ancient mystics’s views of the process of individuation through the conscious and unconscious Self.

Saturday, July 26th, 2009 1:30-2:30pm
Understanding Chakras
Soni Yoga
This one day course is an experiential journey through the body’s chakras, correlating them to color, sound, taste, astrology and visualization.

1/07/08 – 2/11/08
An Introduction to Astrology, The Cosmic Science

Brookline Adult & Community Education
This six week course is directed to new students of astrology who are interested in learning where astrology comes from, why it is valuable, and how it relates to them by studying the basics of the birth chart.